Quizz repository

Quizzes have the potential for improving learning for several reasons. Their use can:

  • Enrich the presentation of content in class
  • Foster participation and attention of students in class
  • Support students’ self-awareness of their own knowledge 
  • Support students learning and study
  • Reduce teachers’ effort in the preparation/evaluation of tests

IMPRESS Quizzes at Kahoot!

The first collection of quizzes was created in Kahoot!, a popular tool for using quizzes in class. You can find 24 quizzes about some topics of Software Engineering there. Just follow this link IMPRESS at Kahoot! to try them out (you need a Kahoot! account). You are welcome to re-use these quizzes as a whole and duplicate them to adapt them to your own needs. 

The IMPRESS Quiz Tool

Kahoot! did not fit our ambitions. We aim at higher reusability and want to deal with questions as first class elements. 

We developed a new tool with the goal of creating a repository of quizzes centred on questions. With this approach the creation of quizzes is more flexible as people can create their own quizzes based on existing questions. The tool can generate quizzes for students on demand as well. Quizzes themselves are shared and can be reused if they fit the purpose.

The tool has, currently, over 600 questions on topics of Software Architecture and more than 100 quizzes on the same topics. These questions constitute a compilation of questions and mini-tests from 10 years of teaching experience of Software Architecture at Instituto Superior Técnico. We also include 16 new quizzes built with the tool. 

Try out the tool at: https://quizzes-tutor.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/

If you want to contribute or extend the project, the source is available at: https://github.com/socialsoftware/as-tutor

User Studies

The tool has been applied, in the 1st semester of 2019-2020, to the teaching activities of the Software Architecture course at Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa. The experience involved 60 students and concluded successfully. We are currently analysing the data collected.

We are conducting a new study, in the 2nd semester of 2019-2020, with the course of Software Engineering, involving 320 students.

The Quiz Tool is part of SaRTRE at Técnico, Lisboa

Our Quizzes Tool was included as one of the tools of the SaRTRE (Sharing Remote Teaching and Research Experiences) platform that was set-up at the Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon to deal with the teaching challenges  raised by the COVID-19 situation.

It has been a useful tool to support teaching in the conditions imposed by COVID-19, and is currently used in four other courses.