IMPRESS 2nd multiplier event: second day summary

On the 22nd of November 2019, we hosted at UCM a joint seminar with the e-Madrid research network: «Serious games applied to teaching in software engineering», where we deepened some of the project’s results.

There were 32 participants that physically attended the seminar and 21 virtual participants that used the streaming the service we provided during the event. Participants came from different Universities around Madrid region, to be precisely: UNED (6 participants), UAM (3 participants), UPM (3 participants), UC3M (3 participants), URJC (1 participant) and UCM (7 participants not involved in the project).

Below you can find out the final agenda, the slides and video clips of the interventions:

«The IMPRESS project goals: improving the quality of software through games and gamification in educational programs» Ivan Martinez-Ortiz (UCM), slides.

«Gamifying a software testing course with the Code Defenders Testing Game» Phil Werli (Passau University), slides

«Adding Fun in Teaching Formal Specifications with Gamification», Wishnu Prasetya (Utrech University), slides.

«Gamified learning activities with quizzes an AI storytelling to improve software engineering education», Rui Prada (INESC-ID), slides.

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