SIMVA and FormalZ updates

SIMVA presentation in the e-Madrid Network

Last couple of weeks have been hectic for us. e-UCM has presented at the e-Madrid online seminar “Learning Analytics and Serious Games” to more than 120 registered participants around the globe, one of the results of the IMPRESS Project: SIMVA. This presentation tried to introduce to the audience the background research we have done about serious games and, in particular, the research in the context of the IMPRESS project that lead us to create SIMVA as a tool to support the validation and facilitate the deployment of Serious Games in the classroom.

You can find out the presentation’s slides and the recording in the e-Madrid website (in spanish).

SIMVA and FormalZ integration

Moreover, the e-UCM in collaboration with UUtrech had received the acceptance of a joint paper that will be presented at the X International Conference on VIRTUAL CAMPUS paper titled “Simplifying serious games and analytics deployment in a virtual campus using LTI and xAPI“. In this paper we describe work we have done to adapt both SIMVA and FormalZ to the IMS LTI 1.3 standard. This integration allowed us facilitate the integrate in an easy way FormalZ and SIMVA together, so it is possible launch a FormalZ puzzle as part of a SIMVA study.

Besides the actual integration, as result of the work, it is possible to launch FormalZ puzzles or to perform SIMVA’s studies directly from an LMS compliant with IMS LTI 1.3 (e.g. Moodle >=3.8, Canvas LMS, etc.). This way, we leverage the teachers administrative burden required to use our tools.

We are testing it internally but the updates will be available at SIMVA GitHub and FormalZ GitHub repositories, later this month.

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